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Please add links to key government documents, speeches and news reports about FTTH in your country. Thank you.


[edit] Finland

  • Target set in 2008: at least 100 Mbps available to everyone by the end of 2015

Broadband Task Force, reports to Finnish Ministry of Transport & Communications. Retreived 30/9/2010.

[edit] France

  • Target set in 2009: 70% of the population to have access to 100Mbps connection speed within the next decade
  • Government investment: €2 billion

France: 70% to get 100Mbps Internet within 10 years Ars Technica, 17 December 2009 Retrieved 17/06/2010.

France Numerique 2012 Government report, October 2008 Retrieved 17/06/2010.

[edit] Germany

  • Target set in 2009: 75% of the population to have broadband speeds of at least 50 Mbps by 2014

Broadband Portal of the Federal Ministry of Economics

The Federal Government's Broadband Strategy (PDF) English version. Retrieved 30/9/2010

[edit] Hungary

  • 90 % residential broadband coverage by the end of 2008 and full coverage by the end of 2010

National Broadband Strategy (2005-2013)

[edit] Luxembourg

National Strategy for Ultra High Speed Networks

[edit] New Zealand

  • Target set in 2009: ultra-fast broadband access for 75% of the population within ten years.
  • Government investment: $1.5 billion
  • The government is investing in Fibre Co, a public-private partnership that will own the national passive fibre infrastructure

The New Zealand Institute: The Weightless Economy Retrieved 17/06/2010.

New Zealand Digital Strategy website Retrieved 17/06/2010.

[edit] Sweden

  • Target set in 2009: 100Mbps speeds for 90% of its citizens by 2020

AMBIENT SWEDEN How Sweden will become a leading Internet nation in 2015 Retrieved 29/08/2010

Sverige ska ha bredband i världsklass! Retrieved 17/06/2010

File:Swedish broadband strategy.pdf (PDF)

[edit] United Kingdom

  • Target set in 2010: superfast broadband for two third of the population by 2017
  • Government investment: amount of funding unclear

Media keynote speech by Jeremy Hunt on the coalition government's plans for superfast broadband. Retrieved 17/06/2010.

Digital Britain: The Final Report by Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Retrieved 17/06/2010.

The Next Phase of Broadband UK: Action now for long term competitivenessReview of Barriers to Investment in Next Generation Access: Final Report by Francesco Caio (also called The Caio Review). Retrieved 17/06/2010.

The costs of deploying fibre-based next-generation broadband infrastructure: Final report for the BSG by Analysys Mason. Retrieved 17/06/2010.

Models for efficient and effective public sector interventions in next-generation broadband access networks a report for the BSG by Analysys Mason. Retrieved 17/06/2010.

Pipe Dreams? Prospects for next generation broadband deployment in the UK, report by the BSG Executive. Retrieved 17/06/2010.

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