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Getting started

You don’t need to register to view the content on the FTTH Council Europe wiki. However, registering an account is recommended if you want to make changes to the wiki or create a watchlist.



Please read these very brief instructions in full before starting on your first edit.

The operation of this wiki may not be exactly the same as other wikis you have seen. There is an article review system in place, which requires changes to an article page to be approved before the article page becomes the stable version that is shown as the default page view. Your edits are stored in the draft version of the page until it has been sighted by an editor and approved by a reviewer.

Don't be afraid to edit article pages. However, before making any major changes to an article page, we suggest you start a discussion about the proposed change on the appropriate article talk page. Anyone can edit an article talk page, and there is no review process for talk pages.

Editing talk pages

  • To access the talk page, navigate to the article in question, and then click on the "Talk" tab near the top of the window.
  • Start new discussions at the bottom of the page.
  • To start a new discussion topic, use a heading.
  • Indents can be used to create threads in a conversation
  • Don’t edit other people’s contributions.
  • Please sign your name after your comments. Use the four tildes “~~~~” wiki code, or the signature button in the toolbar above the edit window.

Editing article pages

  • It's easy to edit a wiki page, simply click the "Edit" tab near the top of the window.
  • Make your changes.
  • Before you save a change, you can enter a short note in the "Summary" box describing your changes, e.g. "fixed typo". The summary gets stored alongside your edit, and allows people to track changes in the wiki more effectively.
  • Use the “Show preview” button to see what your change will look like before you save it. It's good to get into the habit of eliminating mistakes in your own work, by using a preview before saving, rather than saving several minor corrections afterwards.

Wiki formatting

To create headings, lists, links and other types of formatting in a wiki, you need to use wiki mark-up. Here's a brief summary of some of the more important elements:

  • A single paragraph return is ignored. To start a new paragraph, type two returns.
  • To create an indent, type a colon, “:”. Two colons, “::”, creates a double indent, and so on.
  • To create a heading, type two equals signs,“=”, on either side of the text, e.g “==Heading==”. Use three equals signs for a subheading, “===Subheading===”.
  • Items in a bulleted list start with a “*”.
  • Items in a numbered list start with a “#”.
  • Internal links are surrounded by double square brackets, like so: “[[internal link]]”.
  • External links contain the URL followed by the linking text, both surrounded by single square brackets, like so: “[ your text here]”.
  • For advanced users, you can improve the appearance of a table by using the class "prettytable", which adds a single pixel border and background colours, e.g. “{| class="prettytable"”.

For a more comprehensive list of wiki mark-up, visit Mediawiki Help:Formatting.

Images and files

Registered users can upload images and files using the form at Special:Upload. Please resize images to an appropriate size for web-viewing first. If a file is from an external source, ask permission before uploading it to the wiki.

Practising wiki mark-up

This wiki doesn’t have a sandbox, but you can experiment with wiki mark-up on your own user page.


  • To communicate with other wiki users, write on their user talk page.
  • To contact the FTTH Council Europe directly, you'll find details on the About Us page.

Help in other languages

If your question isn't answered here, you may find what you need in the help section of, the website containing documentation for the software that powers this wiki. Mediawiki's Help section is also available in other languages, scroll down to the end of the MediaWiki Help page to find the links.

Improve this help page

This help page can be edited too. Remember you should always aim to improve the overall quality and content of the wiki with your edits.

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