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What makes a successful FTTH project? To help answer this question, the FTTH Council Europe has begun to assemble a series of case studies.

The stories selected will include projects from different countries, different business models, and from different stakeholders in the FTTH ecosystem. The aim is to illustrate the wide variety of different approaches to FTTH deployment as well as any common themes.

Success is not only defined by financial figures - after all, it is well known that the business case for fibre access networks requires high initial investment and the majority of FTTH ventures are still too young to have reached the payback period. Other examples of success might include evidence of socio-economic benefits for the community, or new applications developed for and enabled by the high-speed network.

More stories are under preparation. If you would like to propose or contribute a success story, then please contact nadia.babaali@ftthcouncil.eu, or simply add your suggestion to the discussion page. To be eligible for consideration as a success story, there must be paying customers on the network.

  • NEW! NetCologne From Cologne city carrier to successful regional operator. Written 01/2012.
  • NEW! BORnet Targeted and original marketing strategy is key to success. Written 01/2012.
  • NEW! Sasbachwalden Installation of fibre-optic cable on land, in water and in air. Written 12/2011.
  • NEW! Oberhausen Bavarian municipality builds its own FTTH network. Written 12/2011.
  • Asturcón Regional government scheme to eliminate the digital divide. Written 12/2011.
  • M-NET Stadtwerke München builds one of the largest fibre-optic networks in Germany. Written 12/2011.
  • Bóly City Bóly kicks off regional fibre boost. Written 12/2011.
  • Altibox Rewards trump risk in Norway’s hot fibre market. Written 09/2011.
  • Lattelecom Record-breaking roll-out speeds in Latvia. Written 07/2011.
  • Pays Chartrain French utility extends the reach of fibre access to digitally disposed rural communities. Written 06/2011.
  • ATB-Nett Small local operators cooperate for mutual advantage. Written 07/2011.
  • Waoo! A fast emerging brand in Denmark’s fibre access sector. Written 05/2011.
  • ER-Telecom Russia’s first mass cable-TV and broadband internet access network using FTTB. Written 04/2011.
  • Ostrobothnia Regional Council takes the lead in Finland’s rural fibre. Written 04/2011.
  • Pau-Pyrénées Pioneering fibre deployment in South West France. Written 04/2011.
  • TEO National incumbent leads fibre developments. Written 03/2011.
  • Fastweb Pioneering triple play services in Italy. Written 12/2010.
  • Portugal Telecom Incumbent gains competitive advantage with FTTH. Written 11/2010.
  • Amsterdam Citynet Public-private partnership to bring FTTH to the Dutch capital. Written 08/2010.
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